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Kristen & Shawn Rothery

SuperStar Director

My Story

Hi I am Kristen Rothery and I have been an Independent Scentsy Family consultant since July 30, 2011.  I absolutely love this product and that's why I chose to become a consultant.  To subsidize my spending!! Being a Scentsy Family consultant has completely changed my life.  I have learned many things and developed too many skills to list by becoming a director and building my team, Wickless Friends Forever, and expanding into Grace Adele and Velata.  Above all I have been blessed to have met hundreds of amazing people some customers and other consultants.  Friendships I would never have had and wouldn't ever go without. I have to be honest and say that other than my family achievments, because my family is #1, becoming a Scentsy family consultant has been the most fulfilling journey I have ever been on. Ask me how I can show you how you how to change your life both financially and emotionally.  Trust me you will love this journey!!<!--endbody-->

My Favourite Scents